The Role of Information and Consultation in the Prevention of Industrial Tensions and Conflicts and the Improvement of Social Partnership at Company Level

The project INFPREVENTA, promoted by the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB), focuses on the role of workplace information and consultation in solving industrial relations problems, improving communication between employers and workers/ employees/trade unions, and establishing high level partnerships at the enterprise/company level in five countries - Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, Italy and the UK. It aims to offer a transnational exchange of experience and good practice examples among the co-applicant countries - related to the influence of information and consultation on the promotion of workers' and employees' rights, the improvement of mechanisms for the protection of workers'/employees' interests, the improvement of the results of collective bargaining, and the settlement of collective labour disputes without strikes and other protests - and in general to make a positive impact on industrial relations in the co-applicant countries.

During the project Research on the information and consultation process, including the impact of European Works Councils (EWCs) in national enterprises and in the subsidiaries of multinational companies (MNCs), will be conducted. This research will be summarised and analysed in Country Reports. Also, five National Workshops, three Roundtable Discussions and a European-level Final International Conference for discussion of the findings and various related topics will be organised. A comparison of the issues, mechanisms and results across the co-applicant countries will be implemented and documented in a European Survey. This survey will reflect all of the results and conclusions, from the country reports as well as the national and European-level workshops, relating to the role of information and consultation in the improvement of social partnership at company level in Europe.


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Partners In The Project

Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Industrial Association

Irish Congress of Trade Unions

Royal Holloway University of London

Associazione Bruno Trentin-Isf-IRES

Cyprus Workers Confederation